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NDEB 2014 Training cycle is at the door!

Dear Dentists,
We are pleased to offer the following NDEB Training courses:

  • General IELTS Training - started on July 7, 2014 - Course Completed
  • NDEB AFK Training - starting soon on September 20 2014
  • NDEB AFK 2015 - starting in March 2015 is now open for registration!
  • NDEB Clinical Skills Training - starting on September 10, 2014 - Waiting-list only - Contact us for availability
  • U of T Interview Training - starting October 11, 2014 - Open for registration
  • Western and Manitoba Training - started on June 11, 2014 - Course Completed
  • OSCE Training - starting October 21, 2014 - Limited seats left
  • For more details click here

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    Why Take NDEB Clinical Judgement Training Courses

    What is the NDEB Clinical Judgement Exam?

    NDEB Clinical judgement is the second exam that is offered in June. Although appears complex, with the right preparation it becomes the simplest of all qualification exams.

    The Assessment of Clinical Judgement is a written assessment taken over one day. The Assessment consists of three (3) books that thoroughly tests the dentist’s ability to diagnose and treat clinical cases.

    NDEB Clinical Judgement examinations demands high level of confidence as a wrong choice can cost you the question. Clinical judgment examination is standardized.
    You have 3 chances only to take this exam in order proceed towards your Canadian license.

    Why Take NDEB Clinical Skills Training Courses

    Why is training necessary for the NDEB Clinical Skills Exam?

    There are many reasons why you should consider taking supervised NDEB Clinical Skills Training:

    Being a foreign-trained dentist in Canada, it is very important to know and practice to the Canadian standards and criteria which in many cases are different from other parts of the world. In turn, it is important to have your work assessed by experts in the Canadian standards.

    The NDEB clinical skills exam is conducted using plastic teeth which are different than real life practice. We found that it is essential to practice enough on those plastic teeth in order to pass the exam.

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